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Welcome to AIH – Your Partner in Health and wellness

At Alia International Hospital, we are dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services to our community. With a legacy of compassionate care that spans decades, we have evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of our patients while staying true to our core values

Welcome to Alia International Hospital

Alia International Hospital equipped to the highest level to provide all medical services

Alia International Hospital

The Department of Radiology at Alia International Hospital provides a wide spectrum of diagnostic examinations ranging from general radiology to specialized procedures carried out using a multidisciplinary approach to achieve holistic patient care.

With a team of nationally recognized radiologists and specialists, we aim to provide the best service possible through the art of imaging technologies that enable a safe and pleasant experience. The team implements an individualized approach to meet the diverse needs of every patient, while ensuring high quality imaging output and accurate diagnosis of a variety of conditions.

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We Provide best Services

The Laboratory at Alia International Hospital maintains the highest degrees of precision when conducting laboratory tests for all types of cases admitted.

The medical staff is highly knowledgeable in implementing testing methods that preserve sample purity and ensure the most accurate readings for a well-rounded assessment specific to each patient’s requirements.

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We Care About You

The Pharmacy at Alia International Hospital, located on the ground floor, focuses firmly on offering quality advice with medicine related solutions that can assist each patient in their path towards recovery.

Our team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are highly educated and knowledgeable in the various types of medications available and operate around the clock to provide 24-hour pharmaceutical care to fulfill the needs of our patients.

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Emergency Department

The Emergency Department at Alia International Hospital, provides special care and assistance to patients requiring immediate medical assistance.

To receive faster treatment and maintain quality care for life threatening and non-life-threatening cases, we have implemented a streamlined process that is integrated with the full resources of AIH and the ambulance service for 24 * 7.

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