Welcome to Alia International Hospital

The 70 beds, state-of-the-art Alia International Hospital (AIH) is a multidisciplinary hospital that is committed to delivering a service like no other. One that would captivate it’s visitors and staff, engulfing them in its new approach to medicine and building a new culture that will take patience to grow but will soon be transmitted to future generations as the healthcare standards. To ensure our commitment to accuracy, AIH works hand in hand with the highly acclaimed healthcare quality and patient safety to uphold superior international standards. AIH is a multi-specialty hospital that features Centers of Excellence that houses sub-specialties that are delivered by Board Certified Physicians in addition to many other specialties. The centers are Diabetes & Obesity, Aesthetic Medicine & Derma cosmetology, Women’s Health, and Men Health.
Added to that we also have our medical center "Dr Alia Medical Center", and for more infromation please visit our website: - http://www.aliamedicalcenter.com

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