Alia Hospital Provides Best Medical Services.

The Pharmacy at Alia International Hospital, located on the ground floor, focuses firmly on offering quality advice with medicinal solutions that can assist each patient in their path towards recovery. Our team of pharmacists and pharmacist are highly educated and knowledgeable in the various types of medications available and operate around the clock to provide 24-hour pharmaceutical care to fulfill the medicinal needs of our patients. We also offer outpatient services through a broad range of over-the-counter products that visitors can select from. Clinical pharmacists are also available to provide their expert recommendation on medical products that can effectively maximize benefits while minimizing adverse effects.

Our Pharmacy is equipped with refrigeration and advanced preservation technology to ensure that all medical products maintain optimal storage conditions and avoid spoilage. We perform frequent inventory checks to ensure that the medical products we provide our patients and visitors with are within the shelf-life period while safely disposing products that have reached their expiration dates. In addition to our strict internal safety protocols, we abide by the instructions and guidance of the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization regarding any medical products.

At AIH we have set a clear vision to uphold best practice safety protocols backed by evidence-based medical research to inform our patients of proper administration of our range of products while promoting medical care in its highest form.

Our Pharmaceutical Services:

  • Dispensing prescriptions and medicinal drugs
  • Inform patient of proper administration and possible side effects
  • Review and check registration numbers and invoices for the pharmacy
  • Assist the Ministry of Health carry out inspections
  • Customer care service program
  • Collaborate with medical healthcare providers to offer best practice pharmaceutical care
  • Develop therapeutic care plans for patients
  • Educate patients on medication prior to discharge
  • Implement a multi-disciplinary base approach
  • Medication reconciliation at admission and discharge
  • Review Patient Medication History
  • Conduct drug review, evaluation, and assessment
  • Develop follow up care plan for patients
  • 24-hour delivery service to all areas in Kuwait
  • Fast online Insurance approval