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The Department of Physiotherapy at Alia International Hospital specializes in improving and developing areas of life through prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. The Physiotherapy Department treats pathological conditions, problems and movement disorders using natural methods by understanding, mobility electrotherapy technology and effective exercise therapy equipment for post-injury or post-operative conditions. It is administered under the supervision of an expert medical staff that aims to use various methods to restore, improve, and maintain the patient's psychological and physical balance.

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Services:

  • Orthopaedic cases (pre operative, post operative, degenerative and inflammatory conditions)
  • Sport injuries (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL and meniscus injuries).
  • Neurology conditions (hemiplegia, paraplegia, Bell’s palsy and nerve injuries)
  • Vestibular disorders and vertigo.
  • TMJ disorders.
  • Respiratory disorders & in patients.

Rheumatology & Rehabilitation

Our team of rheumatologist, therapists and specialized medical staff enhance and restore functional ability, as well as patients’ quality of life through a multidisciplinary approach.

The team administers treatment plans by formulating the most suitable recovery programs and treatment methods to achieve the best possible outcome, and medical needs for patients suffering from disabling medical conditions.

Rheumatology & Rehabilitation Services:

    • Musculoskeletal diseases and joint pain
    • Osteoporosis and Vitamin D deficiency.
    • Knee osteoarthritis and Gout.
    • Low back pain and neuritis.
    • Pregnancy and Rheumatic diseases.
    • Rheumatoid arthritis and seronegative rheumatic diseases.
    • SLE and other immunological diseases.
    • Vasculitis.
    • Pain management and treatment of Fibromyalgia.
    • Virus infection and rheumatic diseases.
    • Intra articular injection.
    • Obesity, underweight, and nutritional disorders.
    • Body reshaping without surgery.

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