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Alia International Hospital celebrated the International Pharmacists Day

Alia International Hospital celebrated the International Pharmacists Day, on Sep 25, 2021. The marketing team organized the celebration inside the hospital, in the presence of General Manager Dr. Alia Al-Saadoun, Chief Medical officer Dr. Anwar Al-Saadoun, we appreciated their tremendous efforts during the pandemic crisis and as to thank them, we distributed shields, certificates of appreciation and valuable gifts .

The head of the pharmacy department at the hospital, Dr. Nermin Adel Muhammad, explained the importance of this day for the attendees and for each patient, which aims to raise the profile of the pharmacist and show the active and vital role of pharmacists in improving overall health care, and educating the community about the contributions of pharmacists in discovering appropriate medicines, and developing the effectiveness of appropriate medicines, as well as the pharmacist's role in formulating patient treatment policies and ensuring the safe and effective use of medication.

During the event Alia Hospital experienced pharmacist answered some enquiries of the attendees, provide medication advice, and provide guidance for those wishing to study in pharmacy and related science. At the end of the celebration, General Manager, Dr. Alia Al-Saadoun, thanked all those who contributed to organize the International pharmacist day.