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Alia International Hospital celebrated the Gulf Children's Day

Under the slogan (I have the right to play and have fun), on January 15 of each year with the Innova International English School.

This day targets gulf children. The importance of children's rights in terms of health, culture and education is also highlighted. Alia International Hospital cooperate with Nova School to invite the students of the school to the hospital to celebrate this day.

Its began by teaching them the basics of preventing corona virus with the nurses of Alia International Hospital, the correct way to sterilize and clean hands, and the recommended distance for physical distance between them and others to reduce transmission of infection, and the nursing staff given the students advised them about the most important foods that they must eat to strengthen their bodies and immunity To enjoy good health.

After that, the students were taken to visit some of the departments of the hospital, first they visited the ophthalmology department and the ear, nose and throat department on the first floor of the outpatient building, and then they went to the Department of Dental Medicine on the sixth floor, and they had an experience Eye examination, ear, nose and throat examination and dental examinations with clinicians. After the tour was completed, medical reports and recommendations were given about the students’ health status to be given to parents to take care of their children’s health and take the necessary medical procedures.