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The Foot Care Clinic under the General Surgery Department at Alia International Hospital is devoted to accurately diagnosing and treating patients with medical and surgical conditions of the feet and lower leg. Considering that diabetes can cause nerve damage and poor blood flow, which can ultimately lead to serious foot conditions, our team of podiatrists provide a comprehensive range of treatments to improve mobility through early intervention.

With the common goal of healing our patients from any conditions that are causing them any discomfort, the thorough assessment conducted by our medical staff enables early detection to conditions prior to their formation. This risk identification process is essential for effective preventative management which can be administered through therapeutic exercises and recommendations to improve quality of life. Our focus is to utilize our medical experience to assist our patients overcome the conditions that may disrupt their daily routines, whether they are experiencing symptoms or at risk of forming a condition.

Our Diabetic Foot Services:

  • Foot examination and risk assessment (neurological /vascular)
  • Foot care and massage therapy
  • Callous treatment
  • Corn treatment
  • Foot doppler assessment
  • Nail fungus treatment
  • Treatment of diabetic foot wounds
  • Diabetic footwear recommendations
  • Prevention and management of Diabetic foot conditions
  • Post-surgical diabetic and feet wound care
  • K-taping treatment for sport injuries
  • Pressure ulcer and wound treatment
  • Ingrown nail treatment
  • Casting “T.contact” and POP

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