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Dr.Gamal Mustafa
Dr. Gamal Farag Fahmy
Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant
  • Speciality Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant
  • Degrees M.D CBS and Gyn
  • Experience 35 years
  • Services Normal Painless Vaginal Delivery & instrumental Delivery
    Antinatal care for normal and high risk pregnancy.
    Caesarean suction delivary:recurrent and complicated.
    Recurrent abortion:diagnossis and managment.
    Cervical cerclage insertion and removal.
    Dilitation and curretage for all kind of abortion.
    Diagnossis and managment of ectopic pregnancy by laparascopy .
    Gynecologucal surgery:hystrectomy,myomectomy,ovarian masses.
    Cosmetic vaginal surgery and vaginal tightening.
    Laparascopic surgery:diagnostic and operative(ectopic.ovarian masses,tubal ligation).
    Bartholin cyst and abscess surgery.
    Contraception counselling: IUCD and implants insertion and removal.
    Diagnosis and treatment of polycystic ovarian disease and menstrual irregularity.
    Diagnossis and treatment of vaginal infection ,pelvic Inhammatory disease,sexually transmitted disease.
    Diagnostic diltation and curretage,polypectomy.
    Primary and secondary infertility diagnossis and treatment.
    Urinary incontenence diagnosis and treatment.
  • Work days Full Time