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Mahmoud Swelam
Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Swelam
Radiology Registrar
  • Speciality Radiology Registrar
  • Degrees Master degree in diagnostic radiology
  • Experience 8 Years
  • Services
    Ultrasound for all the body parts and muscoskeletal conditions
    Duplex and color Doppler for arterial and venous systems.
    Standard and contrast x ray imaging are used to diagnose a variety of conditions
    Digital panorama scanning and cephalometry
    To diagnose breast lumps and armpits . and early detection of breast cancers.
    Full body scanning
    Angiography and triphasic CT
    Low dose pediatric CT imaging
    A whole spectrum of MRI services
    DEXA bone densitometry
    Portable digital and C arm services
  • Work days Full Time