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The Department of Cardiology at Alia International Hospital is one of the most specialized cardiac diagnosis and treatment clinics in Kuwait. Our team of experienced cardiologists are capable of diagnosing patients with great accuracy to supplement the most effective treatments. This has enabled the team to successfully treat a high number of major and minor heart conditions with exceptional care for patients at risk of forming cardiovascular complications.

We offer a full suite of cardiac testing using the most advanced cardiac care equipment and treatment methods. Patients undergo a comprehensive evaluation and thorough physical examination to determine the cause of symptoms and respiratory discomfort. Supported by our skilled and compassionate team, we aim to ensure that our patients receive the most suitable treatment plan and high-quality level of care they deserve.

Cardiology Services:

  • Cardiology outpatient clinic services available for all cardiac cases (Cases of Hypertension, Hypotension, Ischemic Heart Disease, All Cause of Heart Failure, Heart rhythm abnormalities & Dyslipidemia )
  • Resting ECG with full interpretation
  • Stress ECG (Treadmill tests with diagnosis of myocardial ischemia)
  • Adult Echo cardiography with diagnosis of myocardial, valvular & Ischemic Heart Disease
  • Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) can receive all critical cardiac cases not in need for invasive management.
  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (A.B.P.M) .
  • All Cause of Heart Failure, Heart rhythm abnormalities & Dyslipidemia

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