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Alia Hospital participated in a press conference for the CAN’s campaign Oct 2022

As part of Alia International Hospital breast cancer awareness campaign for the month of October 2022, AIH participated in the press conference to announce the launch of the “CAN’s” National Campaign for Cancer Awareness this year under the title “Your Health is a Crown” sponsored by the Minister of Health, Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed in Kuwait Towers.

In the press conference, the chairman of the campaign board, Dr. Khaled Al-Saleh, supported the mothers and women about the self-examination test, which proved its importance for early detection of tumors, pointing out that early diagnosis saves life, and explained that breast cancer the most common among women and one of the curable cancers if it was discovered in its early stages.

Board member and campaign leader Dr. Hessa Al-Shaheen pointed out during the conference about importance of spreading health awareness, supporting the health aspect of women. and how important is it for women to do a self-examination every month in addition to a mammogram once a year.

The participation of Alia International Hospital came with the aim of enhancing cooperation and increasing health awareness. A booth was prepared to educate how to do the early examination during the month of October and we’ll cover many places such as universities, schools and malls, to spread of breast cancer awareness among members of society.