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The Department of Anesthesia at Alia International Hospital takes on the critical role of ensuring adequate pain relief for patients undergoing both complex and routine procedures. Conforming to the highest standards of patient care, our medical team performs a well-rounded pain assessment and evaluation prior to conducting any surgical procedures. Using advanced instruments and modern-day techniques, each case is analyzed diligently to determine the optimal comfort level that suites the unique condition of every patient across various age groups.

Our scope of anesthetic practice includes the application of general, regional, and local treatments. Anesthetics are administered with the highest regard to patient safety protocols, allowing a comfortable and pain-free experience throughout the duration of surgery.

Our Anesthetic Services:

  • Operation theatre: General or regional anesthesia after comprehensive assessment, besides sedation, according to each case
  • Epidural anesthesia for painless labor
  • Anesthesia clinic: Pre-operative evaluation and preparation for surgical intervention
  • Intensive care unit: Postoperative care, management of respiratory insufficiency or hemodynamic instability requiring invasive intervention

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