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Alia International Hospital signs a contract with “TYATRO KW Production” to carry out awareness work of the National Day 2022

Alia International Hospital glad to announce the contract signed with TYATRO KW Production Company, for implementing a video advertisement for celebrations – of Kuwait National Day.

The contract was signed between Mr. Turki Al-Saadoun CEO of Alia International Hospital, and Mr. Mohammed Al-Kandari, General Manager of TYATRO KW Production.

Alia International Hospital team this year decided to take a step further ahead by exhibiting our responsibility, extra care & interest in community service that we provide in every place and time round the clock. As a result, the National Day Work for February 2022 was chosen to be an awareness artwork slogan “Celebrate Right”. That means you have to be careful while celebrating the national days in Kuwait

This National Day show portrays five different awareness scenes that reflect ways in which people might be mishap during the celebrations if it goes uncontrollable. Awareness tips are provided in order to celebrate safely, safe guard our people from getting hurt.

The working production by Tyatro kw production, Director: Shamlan Alnassar, D.o.p: Aohamed hammoud, Edit: Mohamad Albloshe, Asistant producer: Mohamed Ahmed Abdulaziz, Production Manager: Firas ALsalem.