Diet and Nutrition Clinic

Clinical nutritionist can provide nutritional assessments, one-on-one consultations and patient family education sessions in areas of healthy eating for coronary artery disease, diabetes, hypertension, weight management and other disease-specific illnesses. Provide information and materials based on the individual’s lifestyle and treatment plan and offers an outpatient nutrition program suitable for our patient community.

Services of the Department:
  1. Nutritional counseling for preventing many chronic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, heart diseases.
  2. Dietary approach to stop high cholesterol.
  3. Dietary approach to manage heart diseases.
  4. Diabetes management.
  5. Special diets for kidney diseases.
  6. Special diets for obesity.
  7. Geriatric nutrition.
  8. Dietary approach to control hypertension.
  9. Special diet for gastrointestinal diseases.
  10. Eating right during pregnancy & lactations.
  11. Healthy diet for children.
  12. Sports nutrition.
  13. Good nutrition for body self-healing.
  14. Diabetes education classes.
  15. Weight management classes.