Diabetology and Endocrinology

Over the last two decades, studies have shown a notable increase of diabetes within Kuwaiti Population. This is caused by our ever-changing lifestyles, dietary habits, and lack of exercise. If one is overweight and between the ages of 25-27, determining the risk of developing diabetes is an important part of protecting their long-term health. On the other hand; Obesity became a great problem that affects the life of people from children life to geriatric life and it considers a burden of the family. Risk of obesity is very high and it is considered as a silent killer. Because of Diabetes affect different body organs and the patient needs regular assessment and follow-up; we at Alia International Hospital focus to serve the community in a different way so we established Diabetes and Obesity center of excellence to achieve a multidisciplinary care management.

Services of the Department:

  1. Managing type I & II Diabetic Patients.
  2. Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS).
  3. Insulin Pump Program.
  4. Diabetic Diet Counseling.
  5. Foot Care & Diabetic Foot treatments.
  6. Osteoporosis Counseling
  7. Andrology Counseling
  8. Neurology Counseling
  9. Ophthalmology Counseling
  10. Gestational Diabetes Management.
  11. Training on glucometer use.
  12. Classes on Diabetes (Diabetic Education).
Dr. Mohammed Al Otaibi
Consultant internal medicine, Endocrinology, Diabetes, & Metabolism Canadian Fellowship & American Board in Endocrinology